Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-15) – Bitcoin is noxious poison – Fake Nice & Subterfuge – $10K+?

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‎9853.81 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is ‘noxious poison’, says Warren Buffett’s investment chief | Technology | The Guardian

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies still aren’t used much as currencies – CNET

Bitcoin bottoms, keeping Thanksgiving investors in the black

Vitalik Buterin on Twitter: “Growing up libertarian and then going out into the world and noticing that actual regulators were nicer to me than many “cypherpunks” was very disorienting”

Oleg Andreev on Twitter: “1851. “Some abolitionists are bigger jerks than those nice slave owning gents that I met yesterday at a business meeting””

zoinky on Twitter: “People like to act as if bitcoin isn’t a once in a humanity happening.”

Ty on Twitter: “Can someone provide me a real world example where the following marketing strategy worked: 1. Claiming product B is more like the original iteration / “vision” of product A than product A’s current version while 2. Attempting to hijack the name recognition of product A”

Pierre Rochard on Twitter: ““Bitcoin Cash” is fraud, it has to be called “bcash” to avoid misleading people.… ”

BashCo on Twitter: “That’s just bad logic. You’re ignoring the reality that renaming Bitcoin to “Bitcoin Core” is part of the strategy to legitimize their fraudulent claim that Bcash is Bitcoin. Bcash defuses this political branding attack against Bitcoin by minimizing confusion caused by frauds.…”

Charlie Lee [LTC] on Twitter: “I’ve been in cryptocurrency for 7 years. There’s a FUD every year for why Bitcoin is dead: 2011 MtGox hacked 2012 Pirateat40 ponzi implodes 2013 China bans Bitcoin 2014 MtGox insolvent 2015 Silkroad shuts down 2016 Bitfinex hacked 2017 Ethereum Flippening 2018 Bcash is Bitcoin”

Armin van Bitcoin on Twitter: “Pineapple Fund donates $1M worth of #bitcoin to Sustainable Ocean Alliance; a global organization that advances the impact of start-ups and social enterprises that are developing solutions to protect and sustain our oceans. #savetheplanet”

Pomp on Twitter: “It took JP Morgan less than 6 months to go from “Bitcoin is a fraud” to “Here is this Bitcoin overview that you should read and learn about” Crypto is virus infiltrating the world.”

bitcoin – Google Search

Bitcoin Looks Above $10K, But Resistance May Await – CoinDesk

9858.24 Bitstamp BTC/USD – BitcoinWisdom

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