Junson Chan – Bitcoin Clown World Series #53 – Bull Market Maybe Back On Track While More Adopt BTC

Millennials and generation Z lead the charge in favoring bitcoin and crypto currency over 65 and older boomers. As always, you can’t really teach an old dog new tricks as people still cling to stupid gold and silver.

Fears from bitfinex/tether scandal are finally subsiding as crypto is going back up across the board. As long as another lame black swan event DOES NOT OCCUR we should be back on track to $6,000 or higher. My mining operation needs higher prices please. Thank you.

Coins staked:

JMC (Junson Ming Chan) Coin 750% – 125% Apr
404 Coin – 808% APR – 404% APR
Compound Coin 250% APR Until Block 500,000 Split halving

JMC Coin ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4882508.msg43978295#msg43978295

404 Coin ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5096837.0

Talk direct to me social media:

http://junsonchan.com (backup archive site)

Subscribe To My Youtube channel here, thanks! http://bit.ly/junsonchan

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