Fidelity Enters Crypto – $40,000 Bitcoin Next Year?

Welcome back squad,

It’s happening, the big investors are coming to play.

Fidelity has announced that they will allow their clients to invest in crypto with their ‘digital asset’ model.

What does this mean for Bitcoin and crypto? Well potentially, a massive price increase!

It may also indicate that other large investors will enter the market thereafter.

If Fidelity investments were to invest 5% of the assets they manage, that’d be $360 Billion added to the total market capitalization in crypto for a total of $570 Billion. The last time the market cap was this high was on January 19th and Bitcoin was selling for 12,000 to 13,000 USD.

Now if Fidelity added that 5% directly to Bitcoin as a whole, we may be looking at a $40,000 Bitcoin.

Bitcoins current market cap – $112 Billion.
Bitcoins peak market cap – 328 Billion. – $19,645 USD
Bitcoins market cap with Fidelity 5% – 688 Billion – $41,128 USD

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