Ep 1: Talking Bits with Carlos Matos from BitConnect

Episode 1 of “BitBoy & Hodl” features an interview with the infamous & notorious BitConnect icon, Carlos Matos. Carlos explains his bizarre love affair with the Ponzi scheme better known as BitConnect. While people warned Carlos it was a scam, he still invested in it. Now, Carlos finds himself in a bad spot… but doesn’t even seem to realize it.

Episodes of “BitBoy & Hodl” will be airing every 2 weeks on Friday.

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The story of BitBoy & Hodl follow the superhero BitBoy & his loyal sidekick Hodl as they aim to stop the Evil Dr. FUD & his nervous monkey FOMO. The animated series is a witty look at the state of current affairs in the cryptocurrency world.

Created by Ben Armstrong & Justin Williams, BitBoy & Hodl is a family friendly cartoon series that can be laughed at and like by all.

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