Crypto Mining 2018

Have you ever wanted to make a few extra dollars off your PC equipment when you’re not using it? How about mining? In this video, I show you the basics on how to set up some easy to use mining software and the process for turning crypto currency into U.S. dollars.

In this video we cover:
1. How you can still make money from crypto currency
2. Is it profitable for you?
3. Process from crypto currency into U.S. dollars

Links mentioned in the video:

NiceHash Software and Affordability Calculator

Coinbase – One exchange to store crypto currency proceeds

GDAX – An exchange with low transaction fees to sell your crypto currency on

Let me know how you’re mining in the comment section below. Hope this helps!

*Please note, crypto mining can lead to shorter lifetimes of computer hardware so mine at your own risk and pay heed to your equipment manufacturer’s suggested operating parameters. That way, you can make an extra buck and not turn your PC into a brick!

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