Buying Bitcoin with Coinstar

Demostrating the quick process of buying Bitcoin through Coinstar at a Albertsons in Hayden Idaho. Very easy and fast. The Identity process (KYC) was very fast too.

This is called a bitcoin faucet. This is where you get free satoshis for solving a captcha. The next minted millionaires are the people who are solidifying their position in bitcoin at this very moment. If you sign up under my referal I will send you 1000 satoshis approximately .00001 of BTC to start out with and as I gain more satoshis I make sure my referals benefit as well. Just opening a account can get you free satoshis for life from me.

Free Litecoin for 2019:
The lightning network has been implemented for Litecoin enabling the transfer of Photons. Photons are to Litecoin as Satoshis are to Bitcoin.

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