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Bitwix – Reliable and Secure Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2019 (Free 0.00008000 BTC day)

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#BitWix (Bitcoin Cloud Mining Websites) облачный майнинг Bitcoin с бонусом 0.00008000 BTC в день за регистрацию

FREE BONUS: 0.00008000 BTC day | 0.00000006 BTC min

Investment Questions

How do I Start?

Sign up providing your wallet address and Start generating Bitcoin

What payment systems are available on the website?

At the moment, we accept only Bitcoin for payment. With enough demand, we should add more payment option in future.

Where will I receive the Bitcoin from my active Plans?

All your coins are immediately applied to your account balance and are available for instant withdrawal. You can always go to the withdrawal section of your account to withdraw your funds.

How much can I earn without investments?

You can generate 0.0000800 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your bitwix to generate up to 1 BTC every day.

Affiliate Program

Invite your friends and family and recive free Bitcoin

Each member recives a unique referral link to share with friends and family and recive a bonus – 10% of the value of their contribution.

Withdrawal Questions

How long does it takes to withdraw money?

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly, in rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal and upgrade?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. Minimal upgrade amount is 0.005 BTC.

Can I upgrade BitWix with money on my balance?

Bitwix currently does not support upgrading from internal Bitwix wallet yet. You can only upgrade using external wallets.

Do You Charge Any Fees ?

Yes , +0.00007 BTC for every Transaction, instantly payment.

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